Long Arithmetic

So the first week of Mathemy-Mindset Maths Class is Long Arithmetic. I’ve tried to think, what the most important topics to cover to get better at maths are. I am not sure if this is number one, but in regards to passing a non-calculator maths exam, this is definitely the most important in my opinion. […]

Kids Think About The Future More Than You Realise

We often see children, teenagers, and young adults as having it easy and in many ways they do.  Many of them go to school each day, do a handful of classes, have their lunch, hang out with their friends and go home.  We envy them in many ways because they have their whole life ahead […]

Times Tables Aren’t Really as Important As You Think (Part 1)

Times Tables Abacus

Key Stage 2 Maths Concentrate Far Too Much on Times Tables I would like you to tutor my daughter. She’s struggling with her Maths lessons; she’s currently at Primary School and enjoys school but hates maths.  We’ve really tried to help her learn her times tables but nothing seems to click.  She’s getting disheartened and […]

Why Tutoring is So Effective if Done Correctly

If I’m honest, when I started tutoring I wasn’t sure if I would have the impact I hoped it would.   Parents would come to me with vastly different ideas (and hopes) of what could be achieved by private tutoring sessions, but the reason deep down was always the same: they wanted to give their children […]