Long Arithmetic

So the first week of Mathemy-Mindset Maths Class is Long Arithmetic. I’ve tried to think, what the most important topics to cover to get better at maths are. I am not sure if this is number one, but in regards to passing a non-calculator maths exam, this is definitely the most important in my opinion. The SATs become incredibly difficult without these skills and the Maths GCSE is split into 3 papers one of which is non-calculator; you will ultimately lose so many marks note being competent at these skills.

So this worksheet is split into the four long arithmetic methods. You might remember them as column arithmetic.



It Doesn’t Matter How You Do It So Long As You Get It Right


Most people use the column methods, but if you are stuck there are multiple ways of doing these questions correctly. It is down to the individual. If you are getting an answer right and the working out is correct never allow a teacher to say they want it done using a certain method. There is no “one” correct way, just what works for you.

So feel free to download the worksheet below with answers on the second page.




Now if you get stuck on these pages, don’t worry, you have a gap in your knowledge. This one is an important gap though if you are doing you currently studying Maths so get to it and watch the following videos to improve your knowledge.





Then try the questions again or even better make up some examples of your own.



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