Cancellation Policy

Role of the Tutor

  • The Tutor agrees to carry out all necessary research prior to each lesson so as to maximise the Student’s learning time.

  • The Tutor will initially assess the students’ abilities and create an individual learning plan with set targets.

  • The Tutor agrees to keep all information regarding the Student’s education confidential unless the Student has granted written permission to disclose. This includes any work the Student has produced during or out of lesson times.

  • The Tutor agrees to carry out all lessons online unless a prior arrangement has been made to conduct lessons in person.

  • The Tutor shall not complete homework or any other classroom assignments that are intended for completion by the Student.
  • The Student agrees to attend all scheduled lessons and be pro-active in making suggestions about their own education.

  • The Student agrees to complete any homework (If agreed upon with parents) or classwork assignments set by the Tutor in a timely manner as agreed prior to the task being set.

  • The Student understands that it is not within the Tutor’s remit to complete homework or classroom exercises on behalf of the student and that the Tutor’s role is one of support.

  • The Student must confirm and accept the terms of the contract 24 hours in advance of the first session.

Role of the Pupil and Parent

Class Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes you might need to change your plans. If you know that you can’t have a lesson that has been booked for you, please inform us as soon as possible via phone, text message or email and cancel the lesson.

Lessons cancelled more than 6 hours before the start time of the lesson will incur no charge. In this case, you must inform your tutor of this cancellation more than 6 hours before the lesson is due to start.

Bookings cannot be cancelled after the Lesson has started.

Lessons which are not cancelled by the student before the start time but are not attended by the student will be charged at full price.  This is to cover the tutor’s time and create a fair environment for all of our tutors.